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Our Colorful World


In life I have always been creative. Making nothing into something beautiful has always been my talent. I knew event decor was my calling when I started planning my sons birthday parties. They were always a BIG hit! I always received tons of compliments and inquires about hiring me for events and I never took it seriously until 2013. 

In 2013, I was given the task to decorate for a family members wedding. This wedding was my first event ever. The event decor and balloon decor was a HIT and that was my reassurance that this is actually my calling in life and this is why God put me here. From there, I started planning and growing into what is know as JK Decor. Although JK Decor is a small business our creativity and quality screams volumes.

The best part about my business is seeing the happiness on my clients face when they walk into their venues and everything is better than they dreamed. It is a wonderful feeling to know, I can bring happiness to people through my creativity and talents.

This is my calling and I am LIVING IT!

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