Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What locations do you cover?

We cover the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

Please allow 2 weeks for us to perfect your event decor. Anything within a week or less of your event date is subject to the $50.00 Rush Order Fee.

Can I buy all my supplies and JK Decor set it up?

Our apologies, No, due to liability concerns we have to use our own supplies.

Who sets up and tears down the event decor?

JK Decor sets up the decor and the price is included. To come back and dissemble the decor is an additional fee.

How much prep time before the event is needed?

At least 2 hours before your event starts. The more time the better the quality of work. Please make sure the event location is opened and ready to be decorated.

How do I secure my event date?

We need a deposit to book your preffered date. The deposit is half of the total amount due The remainder of the balance is due at least the day before the event. Please be advised until a deposit is received dates are not fully confirmed and if the balance is not paid before the event date we reserve the right to not show up to your event.

How can payments be made?

Payment are made through your emailed invoice using a major card. We use a secure payment system that does not house any card information nor is your card information seen by JK Decor.

Are payment plans avalible?

Yes. Total amount due has to be a minimum of $300 Event has to be a minimum of 2 weeks from deposit date

Am I responsible for the rental items while they are at my event?

Yes, Our Buyers Responsibility Policy states "Buyer is responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged rental equipment, and has to be replaced at wholesales price."

Is JK Decor responsible for any damages during the event?

JK Decor is not responsible for any damages inside and outside of the event location. Please check with the event location about decorations. It is the customers resposibility to inform JK Decor of any event location outside decoration rules. If the customer is removing any decorations please adhere to the directions on how to safely remove them.

Is JK Decor responsible for any injuires during the event?

No. Please do not place any mylar balloons next to electric wires/poles. Please do not play around or through any yard card displays.

Can I change my balloon color once the invoice is sent?

Yes, the balloon color can be changed after the invoice is sent with a $50 fee. Your deposit covers supplies and your balloon order is placed based upon the invoice. When you change the balloon color a new order has to be placed and invoice updated. This delays getting your new order on time and your new order may not arrive in time of your event, Please have your final colors chossen before a invoice is sent. $50 fee for balloon color change after invoice is sent.